I’m really excited by the way the industry is heading just now. Insomniac Games have just announced that they are going to be releasing a collection of their software libraries for other developers to use and learn from. The idea behind this initiative is that it will encourage other developers to do the same. This will benefit the games industry as a whole, by allowing studios to reuse other people’s tech (as opposed to wasting time reinventing the wheel). The studios releasing this technology will also benefit from a wider consumption of their technology, generating feedback (comments, bug reports, etc) that will in turn improve their own software. Everyone is a winner!

‘Nocturnal’ is a collection of useful libraries that provide the following features:

  • C++ Delegates / Events System
  • Smart Pointers
  • Interprocess Communications
  • Debug Library
  • Console Output Library
  • Profiling

Other releases are planned, which will add a File System, Persistance Library, and a data-driven Property system. Click here for more information…