Colour-Managed LED Walls for Virtual Production

I am delighted to share that I will be co-presenting a talk at Siggraph this year, entitled “Colour-Managed LED Walls for Virtual Production”. In this talk, we will present DNEG’s approach to managing colour when shooting an LED wall with a camera.

LED-wall based virtual production has gained significant traction in the visual effects industry of late, and this has been accelerated by the recent pandemic, where travel and gathering restrictions make shooting a movie in a traditional way very difficult. Without being able to travel to real locations, LED volumes offer an alternative in which you can fully immerse the cast in a virtual environment, with the LED volume contributing to both the stage background, and the lighting of the stage.

There is a lot of buzz about real-time rendered LED-wall based virtual production, but relatively very little information on how you ensure the colours that appear in your resultant camera footage match the original source material. In our talk, we will share DNEG’s approach to solving this problem. Our solution makes colour predicable for filmmakers whilst they are shooting, and ensures that the resultant camera footage has a colour profile that is compatible with the downstream stages of post-production visual effects.

More information about the talk can be found here: Colour-Managed LED Walls for Virtual Production